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The International Younger Chemists Network


May 2022 - Issue 16

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The IYCN is happy to introduce a new format for our newsletter that improves the experience of our readers. Enjoy it!

Korfii Uebari, Conference presence team member, represented the IYCN at the GWB 2022, Women in Chemistry, Chemical Society of Nigeria, Rivers State Chapter.
Professors of Chemistry, PhDs, postgraduate, undergraduate, and secondary school students participated in this event.
Thank you Korfii for sharing the benefits of becoming a member of the IYCN apart from participating in the debate about the role of the network in promoting and supporting gender equality in STEM and society.

The submission deadline for the experiment outreach competition has been extended to June 25th. The new submission deadline was selected to honor the Birthday of Walther Nernst, Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1920, and Electrochemistry pioneer.

A new article based on the discussion held during the IUPAC symposium "The Role of IUPAC in Global Affairs" at the 48th IUPAC World Chemistry Congress and 104th Canadian Chemistry Conference (IUPAC|CCCE 2021) and Exhibition has been published. The article also summarizes the recent efforts made by the IUPAC and the IYCN to strengthen the partnership on projects that help to build a more sustainable tomorrow.

Article: Carolina Sotério, João Borges and Javier García Martínez, "IUPAC and IYCN: Working Together for a Globally Sustainable Future", Chemistry International 2022, 44(2), 39-45. DOI: 10.1515/ci-2022-0230.

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