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The following criteria will be used to score each submission.

Chemistry concepts (20 points):

Concepts covered by the experiment are relevant to the experiment, thoroughly explained and are suitable for the audience.


Theme (20 points):

The relevance of the experiment to the theme Affordable and Clean Energy is clearly outlined in the experiment, and the experiment uses innovative ways to connect chemistry to Energy.

Accessibility (10 points):

How accessible is the experiment for the presenter?

  • Are specialised materials necessary to perform the experiment?

  • Is the information provided in the experiment sufficient for a presenter without a chemistry background to understand and convey the learning objectives?

  • Is there sufficient information for the audience provided for the presenter to use?

  • Are any resources that were used as inspiration for the experiment or that are relevant for the presenter included in the experiment?

Suitability to audience (10 points):

Experiment should be tailored to the audience (e.g. use of language, safety requirements, teaching points, etc.).

Safety and practical information (10 points):

The safety instructions are appropriate for the level of the experiment and cover the relevant safety concerns.

Originality (10 points):

The experiment conveys chemistry concepts in unique ways that are not already published or easily available. 

Other notes:

  • Photos and videos of the experiment are encouraged but not required.

  • Some example topics related to the theme Affordable and Clean Energy include: solar energy, bio-based fuels, battery, fuel cells, photosynthesis, water splitting, green hydrogen, etc. 

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